Palacedaughter blog started precisely June 2016 and the idea emanated from the desire to inspire people through articles, movies, music, photographs, and poems, having observed the bastardization of the social media in many forms, which include the display of posts that are sexually explicit. The blog, created to cater for different categories of people features various topics on skincare, beauty, career, family, home, personal development, self-discovery, happiness, finance, and relationship, among others, which are borne out of daily experiences, ideas, lessons learnt from books, articles read or movies watched and research.

Babafemi Similoluwa is the content developer for Palacedaughter. She is a writer, but really, her passion is to make people happy, more beautiful and become better individuals. During her leisure, she reads good books, listens to music, watches movies, writes poems, and stories. She wrote her first novella titled Can I Ever Make a U-turn? at the age of 16. She is a media enthusiast, who is so passionate about blogging because it gives her joy and fulfillment. #Passionate Blogger#.

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