Hi everyone!

It’s been a wonderful one year with you.

It’s been a rewarding year for me and I have never felt more loved like this year. Honestly, thank you for believing, loving and accepting me. I have received a lot of positive feedbacks about the blog. Thank you so much for the feedbacks. You may not know how much they mean to me but they mean a lot especially when I feel like giving up.

This would be the last blog post for this year. I won’t be posting till next year by God’s grace. And guess what? A good/best friend of mine would be joining me on the blog. But before then, I would love to share nuggets with you to round off the year. I will be sharing with you a little part of what my 2020 has been about, hoping that we would be able to learn and reiterate some life lessons.

Nugget 1: You don’t always reap where you show but you will always reap what you sow

Most times we get perplexed over our labour, diligence that are not being recognised or rewarded all because we look forward to getting our rewards in places we made those labours but the truth is that life has a way of dazing us with surprises. Don’t worry, your reward will come but it may not always be in the manner you expect it.


Nugget 2: Never give up on developing yourself

 You never know how far it will take you in life. It is important to know that there is nothing like luck. What people termed as luck is when preparation meet with opportunities. Self-development to me is preparation.  Remember the scripture says, ‘See a man diligent in his work, he will stand before kings and not mere men’


Nugget 3: Protect your mental health

There was one beautiful thing I achieved in year 2019 and 2020. I was able to remove toxic people from my life and the universe also assisted me. Please don’t joke with your mental health because recovery is difficult. If you need to see a therapist, please do and don’t allow anyone shame you for seeing a therapist. Anybody shaming you also needs to see a therapist.

Nugget 4: Delegate

 Work can never finish, sometimes you have to delegate to stay sane.

Nugget 5: Know the difference between your friends and acquaintances

 Learn to group people in your life into their appropriate place because its costly to place someone as a friend when the person is an acquaintance. It can be hurting. It’s important to note that friendship is about balance, it’s not one sided. The person you call your friend should not take you as an acquaintance. You should both see yourselves as friends.

Nugget 6: Beware of Negative Energy

 What you wish for people has a way of coming back to you. Try to think positive always. Having a good heart. It always pays off eventually.

Nugget 7: Be kind

 You never know what people are going through. People go through a lot in secret. Family disarray, depression, mental illness, ill-Health and lot more and here you are harassing them for not calling or checking up on you. They may also need to be checked upon. It’s high time we erase this cultural thinking that its one person’s duty to call another. No. Checking on someone should not be a competition if true love and care is truly involved. It should not be based on age, gender or status. Anyone can check on the other person but I feel the stronger person should.

Nugget 8: Mind your business

 Minding your business is priceless. Never be interested in people’s affairs that does not concern you. You don’t need to understand people’s journeys but please respect it. There is a lot that you need to face in your own life too. Seek to achieve your goals rather than seeking other people’s business.

Nugget 9: Show love

 You never know how far it can go to heal wounds and make your fellow human loved and accepted. A small card, a little rose flower, a little gift, a dinner date, a short message, a pet name, an act of service, a word of affirmation and lots more. It is important to note that what you give comes back to you.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Advance.

Next year by God’s grace,I will gist you about my vacation experience. Stay tuned.

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