Life has a way of making us dance to the rhythm of activities every single day. We become so overwhelmed and exhausted by the processes involved in our pursuit so that we can meet up with the chase of life and as a result, we most times end up not taking responsibility for ourselves; it is either we are too worn out to pay attention to the things that really matter to us or we  just seem not to have enough time.


Taking responsibility and having interest in our lives personally is simply summed up as Self Care.

It is our duty as individuals to pay attention to the things that concern us; the things that we are in full control of.

Taking care of yourself is not just about you deliberately showing interest in matters relating to your health, it also involves doing the things that will improve your general wellbeing as a person in areas regarding your finance, psychology, emotions, et cetera.

Self care is in no way synonymous to being selfish. It’s okay to be concerned about the needs of others but it’s more important that you care for yourself which is a responsibility due to you by you.

You can’t give what you don’t have therefore, your relationship or interest in others depends on your relationship and interest in you.


If you’re just realising the need for you to take care of yourself or if you’ve always known you need to self care but didn’t know how, I have put together 7 tips for self care. Read further to find out how you can care for yourself while you go about your daily business.


  1. Eat right- eating the right food helps to improve one’s health generally. Avoid eating what the body doesn’t need like junks and food that are high in cholesterol. It is advisable to eat more of fruits and vegetables and take more of fresh food than canned or preserved food.
  2. Exercise- exercise is another activity that improves one’s overall wellness. Try as much as possible to exercise at least once a week if your schedule is tight. It doesn’t have to be rigorous and it may not be for hours.
  3. Rest as much as you can and take plenty of water- while you go about your hustling and bustling to make ends meet, it is important for you to have enough rest on a daily basis. Resting refreshes not only the body but the mind and soul- having enough rest makes one ready and sound for the next day’s activities.

Speaking about water, drinking enough water is a sign of self care believe it or not! The benefits of drinking water cannot be under emphasized. Not drinking enough water  can result to fatigue, constipation, illness and so on. You shouldn’t drink water only when you’re thirsty, it should be a regular habit. It is advisable to drink at least two litres of water in a day and it’s your responsibility to ensure you drink clean and good water.

  1. Make time for yourself- we get so preoccupied with activities that we forget ourselves. We work round the clock and hardly have time to cater for our personal needs. It gets so bad that we fail to realise we are aging faster and looking older though we are still very much young as singles. What will it cost you to take out time from everything and everyone else in the world just to be with yourself? It does a lot of good than harm when you do actually. For instance, you can self reflect in the process which will in turn bring about self awareness and further help in improving the quality of your life.
  2. Keep good company- the quality of the company(people) you keep is as important as the quality of the food you eat. Everyone is not your friend so be deliberate about choosing those you call friends and relate with. Avoid entangling yourself in unnecessary drama and stay away from negative people. This will save you a whole lot. You have enough stress on your sleeves already, you don’t want to add some more.
  3. Live an organised life- planning your day to day activities is a sure way to successful living. Don’t allow yourself to be tossed here and there by the winds of life; it might leave you confused and purposeless. Experts advise that before you go to bed, you should write down your future goals which can be broken down into daily plans. At the end of each day, check and evaluate your plans while you plan for the next day. This will enable you do the things that really matter to your growth and development.

Don’t forget to add the activities you enjoy doing to your daily plans such as watching movies, playing games, playing a musical instrument, et cetera. This will help in adding colour to your day thereby making life worth living.

  1. Develop a self care plan- a self care plan is a guide that enagages an individual in activities that are geared towards promoting the general well being of such individual.

With a self care plan, you get to better design your life because it helps to keep you on track and makes you focus on the true things of life that matter.

You can get a self care plan template or you can actually create a unique design for yourself.


If self care is taken seriously, it will lead to you living happily ever after. We’ve heard cases of people who suddenly slumped and died only to discover that they’ve been nursing some severe health conditions such as high blood pressure unknowingly but the death case could have been prevented if only they paid serious attention to their health by visiting the hospital at least once in three months.


Putting it in perspective, we care so much about our mobile devices and we do everything possible to ensure they are always in good shape; we are careful about them not falling so we don’t have to replace a damaged screen, we constantly ensure that they aren’t drained by connecting them to power(electricity) source and we keep them protectively in pouches to prevent any form of mishandling.

Can you put yourself in the shoes of your devices?

Can you take full responsibility for your wellbeing?

If you don’t care for yourself, who will?


Article written by Saka Halimat

Check her beautiful posts on http://iamsakahalimat.wordpress.com

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