Goodevening dear Palacedaughter reader. Happy new week. Hope your week is going on fine? I started mine with a load of work.

Gloria Bamiloye’s High Calling part 2 is out. I am sure you enjoyed the Part 1.If you have not watched it, what are you still waiting for?The part 2 has a lot of lessons which I will discuss below.

  1. God’s plan may not look like it at first, it may not even look attractive but everything will eventually measure up and look beautiful at the right time. God will reward and honour you some day.
  2. Not all that glitters is God’s plan. Don’t wish you had anybody’s life rather chase God’s plan for your life.
  3. Not all open doors are God’s doors, plans or purpose.Some are devil’s traps. be watchful.
  4. All your secret sacrifices give birth to more anointing.
  5. Patient is difficult but the fruit thereof is rewarding. Be patient.

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