Recently, I was annoyed about a person’s view about things because the person was not seeing it the way I was.I know am not alone in this shoe. We will agree that it has happened to us at one point or the other in life.However, one thing we have to put into consideration is that we cannot all reason the same way and the fact that someone does not reason the way you do does not mean he/she is wrong and vice versa. Therefore, we should focus more on relationships than perspectives and how do we achieve this? All is embedded in this article about 3 tips to maintaining  positive perspectives in relationships.

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It is true that everyone has two eyes but no one has the same view.

Fundamentally, Perspective is referred to as a particular way of viewing things based on one’s experience and personality.

It is the standpoint of a person concerning a subject matter or topic.

As humans, we see life differently and this is because of our perception of things which is dependent largely on the kind of values and belief systems, principles as well as knowledge or the information and situation that we have been and are being exposed to.


The design of the world does not permit a man to be an island of himself in other words, we do not live all by ourselves. Therefore, it is necessary for us to master the art of perspectives because it is a key factor to enhancing and having strong, healthy and lasting relationships be it with  family, friends, acquaintances, et cetera.


I understand that every man is entitled to his opinion; however, one may not be right always. It isn’t a bad idea to stoop to hear others out and be open to understand their point of view.

This is not to say that you should always be receptive to the ideologies of every Tom, Dick and Harry. The bottom line is a consensus should be reached; there should be a ground of harmony in thoughts.


*3 Tips to Maintaining Positive Perspectives in Relationships.*


  1. *Appreciate and respect differences*- an understanding of the fact that you are not everyone neither is everyone like you will go a long way in fostering relationships.

With this in view, don’t expect everyone to think like you and see things from your perspective because you have unique backgrounds and you are enlightened by different experiences and information.


  1. *Be a good listener*- to listen is to pay attention to what others are saying. To maintain a positive perspective in relationships, you must be a good listener. You must develop the skill of hearing what others are really saying- this brings about effective communication. Don’t be overly judgemental and biased with your view points.


  1. *Ask questions*- when you ask questions, you learn more and are better informed. Asking questions prevent unnecessary heat and tension in discussions and conversations.

Asking objective questions about a topic of discourse makes you open and increases your horizon.


The truth is, everyone thinks they are right; though we all have the right to express ourselves (to our best knowledge), let’s be fair enough to give others the room to feel important and be heard which is humanly and divine.


We think and act differently because we see differently.




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