Hello everyone, it’s good to be here on Palacedaughter blog. How are you and how has been your week? This week has been amazing. I was thinking about what to share last night when I remembered that I could share an excerpt from TD Jakes’s God’s Leading Lady. I would love to highlight some quotes that touched me. Kindly let me know the quote you love most. Find below wonderful quotes:


“If a woman is fortunate enough to have weathered some of life’s storm in the past, then she knows that the latest one will pass as well”.


“I am created to be one woman, not every woman. In trying to be every woman, I lose sight of the woman I was created to be”.


“Behind her smile and vivacious personality, there is an inner ache and piercing cry for help because she does not want to end up a mediocre”.


“All you go through is to prepare you to coach others”.


“Your strength is in your struggle and your power in your pain”.


“We must be able to accept the leading role God has scripted for us”.


“Or perhaps you are resisting the potter’s purpose for your life. You are trying to shape yourself and mold your own form into what you think will make you a beautiful and perfect vessel”.


“God has planted the seed of greatness in you in ways you can never imagine”.


“God wants to ignite the potential in you in ways you can never imagine”.


“Which would you be willing to risk, being called brazen by some or left bitter inside? Too many women have chosen bitter to avoid public ridicule. But you must know and trust in the lord’s greatness to risk these misinterpretations”.


“Criticism is a natural part of achieving greatness. It is often laced with jealousy and misjudgments”.


“Anyone who criticize you have never been where you are and are never going where you will go”.


“If you dare to be a woman who turns to the next page of her life, then you cannot let the critics rob you of your destiny. They will seduce you into living by their standards, only because misery so enjoys its company. Ignore your critics and set out outstage!”.


“Courage must be your companion, as you do not have the luxury to linger with the fearful woman. There is only a split second between the winner and the loser”.


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