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Sometimes ago, my younger sister, who is into real estate business, put a post on Facebook about the attitude of some of her clients. Apparently, she had been asking for payment of their long-overdue rent and rather than pay up, all she got were rantings and unnecessary complaints. I tried to appease her and told her to take things easy that customers are always right. She vehemently disagreed. Her exact words were “I disagree! If a customer constantly complains, abuses and creates stress for you; then, they are not worth it!” This got me thinking. Are some customers seriously not worth it?

I remember sharing sometime ago, on another platform, about treating your customers right. This is one important ingredient of a successful business. Many businesses have failed because the owners did not treat their customers as ‘kings’ and ‘queens’. Also, many prospects have been lost because they were not treated right. Literally, I agree that your customers can be wrong many times, but you still have to treat them as if they are right! That is the way to keep them.


It takes a longsuffering person to excel in business. You have to learn to be patient and tolerant with your customers. A successful CEO must be able to manage an irate customer. You must never get angry when your customer/client is angry and venting his/her anger. Listen to them; and please, listen empathically. Remember, it costs much less to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. That being said, I must say that it is not wise to please your customers at the expense of your business. For example, a customer who has collected goods on credit and is yet to pay back should not expect that he/she can come back for more goods until the previous payment has been settled. Refusing to sell on further credit to such customer is not bad service at all.


As an entrepreneur, you should tag a certain percentage of your goods/services that you can give out on credit periodically (monthly, quarterly or yearly). Immediately, that benchmark is reached, please do not feel bad about refusing to sell on credit. A customer, who wants to put you out of business should not be retained.I have always been an advocate of customers being right always; but, my sister’s response brought up questions in my mind. I have since changed my orientation to “Customers are not always right”.


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The article was written by Funmilola Ipadeola


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