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“Don’t marry in the dark, what a fascinating statement. The “dark”, indicates the absence of light in a place. Where there is darkness, there isn’t adequate light to see properly. Where there is darkness, stumbling occur. Where there is darkness, dangerous/disastrous steps may be taken. Where there is darkness you can easily walk into trap. Where there is darkness, deception occur”. (Ayo: 2)


Reasons people marry in the dark

  1. Desperation: As in the case of Jacob who was so desperate to marry the love of his life, that even when he was informed that the wedding would take place at night. He did not object. In the same way, Leah was also very eager to marry, even if snatching another person’s man was the option. Both Leah and Jacob were desperate, their desperation only resulted in pain, rejection, disappointment and rivalry. It is important to note that desperation results from sexual pressure, peer pressure, parental pressure due to (position in family, only female or male, first or last child, financial success, and age).
  2. Cultural Environmental Pressure.
  3. Financial Pressure.
  4. Circumstantial Pressure.
  5. Age pressure.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Choose the man you want to marry carefully


Beware of Judas (Pretender and Hypocrite)

  1. He loves money more than he loves you.
  2. He steals from you
  3. He exposes your secret to others
  4. He is never satisfied with what you give them and lots more.


Beware of Stingy Nabal

  1. He is selfish and self-centered
  2. He is ungrateful
  3. He has no regard for anyone
  4. He is bad tempered
  5. He is impolite
  6. He has bad character
  7. He does not have the fear of God and lots more

Beware of Jezebel (Beautiful but deceptive)

  1. He uses foul language
  2. She is a controller
  3. Her suggestions are always sinful
  4. She manipulates and lots more.

Beware of Delilah (The Enemy’s Weapon)

  1. She is too persuasive
  2. She mocks you
  3. She is financially over demanding and lots more

Avoid the Unfaithful Gomer

  1. She still makes reference to her past life
  2. She compares you to her previous relationship and lots more.

Beware of Bathsheba Setup

  1. She loiters around you for you to notice her.
  2. She lacks self-control
  3. She is not faithful
  4. She has no personal dignity
  5. Someday she will leave you and run off with another one.
  6. She is not committed to the relationship and lots more.


Avoid Solomon (Lover of all beautiful women)

  1. He is wise
  2. He is super intelligent
  3. He genuinely loves God, but his enemy puts him down with his insatiable sexual appetite.
  4. He is not a faithful partner and lots more.


Look out for Isaac (The romantic man)

  1. He is God fearing and loves God.
  2. He is faithful and truth worthy.
  3. He is committed.
  4. He is very industrious.
  5. He is loving and caring.
  6. He serves God.
  7. He loves you with the whole of his heart.
  8. His eyes are single, he doesn’t look outside the relationship.


Avoid the sexually pressured Amnon

  1. He commits sin of incest.
  2. Even though he was raised by a godly father, he has no regard for God.
  3. He cannot control his sexual urge.
  4. He is a rapist and lots more.


Are you ready for courtship?


You must ask yourself this questions

  1. Are you spiritually, emotionally, financially, physically and psychologically matured?

Before you sign…I do

You must talk about your

  1. Past, present and future life
  2. Career, families and background
  3. Education
  4. Christian values
  5. Your Dreams, plans, aspirations
  6. Ministry, calling, faith and personal convictions.
  7. Compatibility
  8. Acceptance

In the season of courtship, ensure you are

  1. Focused
  2. Pray and fast
  3. Not in a secret courtship
  4. Not cohabiting
  5. Sensitive

When to call it Quit

  1. Pride
  2. Disrespect
  3. Stealing
  4. Lying
  5. Cheating
  6. Foolishness
  7. Quarrelsome
  8. Manipulation
  9. Anger
  10. Jealousy
  11. Unnecessary high standards

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