The movie is based on a true life story of the founder of Mount Zion Ministry, Mike Abayomi Bamiloye, who loses his mother at a very tender age. He is left to be taken care of by his sister who leaves him with a woman, Iya Eleni, after she gains admission into Teachers College. Iya Eleni takes care of him even though he steals probably as a result of his lose and neglect. The stealing may be an attention seeking act. He gives his life to Christ and grows up to follow God’s will on his choice of higher institution to attend though it was difficult for him. He backslides again. However, he returns to Christ as a result of some incidents that takes place in his life. He joins a drama group and meets a sister in his fellowship, whom he falls in love with. His sister’s husband prior to the time receives revelation about her being Mike’s future spouse. He resigned to do full time ministry,though his sister was not happy about it, considering he is getting married and he needs money to take care of his family. He exposes him during his introduction. Non-withstanding he gets married and starts his ministry fully. There were oppositions and battles but he surmounts. God gives him insight to take over the movie ministry for Christ like the kingdom of darkness is and he obeys.

What I love about the movie is that they used characters that fit in. The setting and costumes were just on point. The language and soundtrack were also beautiful.

Lessons from the movie

  1. Anybody who has a great destiny will definitely have battles.
  2. If you have faith as small as mustard seed, there is nothing you say with your mouth that won’t come to pass.
  3. Devil will always try to discourage you from your purpose because he know there lies your greatness and grace.
  4. There is nothing that is big today, that wasn’t small at some point.
  5. Stop looking around for information, seek God for revelation.
  6. Before you fight a battle in the physical, conquer in the spiritual.
  7. Not only answers abounds on prayer altar. Revelation abound too.
  8. Don’t give up on anyone. If God is not giving up on the person, then you have no right.

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