Hi everyone, welcome to Palacedaughter. Today, we are exploring a very interesting topic, however, a dreaded one.This subject matter is about Mother-In-Law. Many single ladies have heard a lot of stories about Mother-in-law issues and so with that first hand information, they develop a bad idea of who a Mother -in- law is and a defensive attitude on how to deal with one. In the same way, Mother-in-laws also develop a bad idea of who a daughter-in-law is and how to set boundaries.Therefore, the Mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship become a contest rather than a wonderful experience which should be cherished. Recently, I watched a Mount Zion movie titled My Mother-in-Law and would love to share the lessons I garnered from it.

  • Parents should be careful the seed they plant in their children about there soon to be spouses or spouses. It goes a long way to affect the marriage.Instead, they should allow their children cleave in peace and not in pieces.
  • A wise woman builds her home with wisdom.Learn to say I am sorry, please and thank you.Again, learn to tolerate.You must not comment all the time. There are things to overlook and there are things to let go though it may be a bit difficult.
  • Accept your son and daughter in-law as yours. When you start discriminating or giving preferences, there is bound to be problems. Let people not identify easily who your son or daughter is between them. This can be achieved by the way you effectively relate with them.


  • Peace is more important than who is right.
  • You can’t do wrong to make someone do right.
  • You are entitled to blessing for following and being at peace/ showing love, respect and honour to you Parent-in- Law. Ephesians 6 is not only referring to your biological parents but your in-laws also. Therefore, honour both.
  • When you honour your parent-in-law, especially Mother-in-law,you are entitled to a blessing of continuity Gen 24:67.
  • Mothers love your sons and daughters-in-law. Sons and daughters-in-law, respect and submit to your mothers- in -law respectively.

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