Hi everyone, welcome to the Palacedaughter blog. The past few weeks have been a quiet one for everyone. Everything literally shut down because of the pandemic, CONVID-19. Landmark events were postponed, education partially stopped, we were made to stay at home, and people had to work from home and lot more. I, personally have not been able to eat more variety of food like I would have loved to or go to places to have fun and relax. I have also been denied the freedom to attend some landmark events that mean a lot to me and my career; however, I was able to divert my energy into other important things. One thing that am certain about is that this season has a lot to offer than we can ever imagine. There are life’s lessons to garner from this event. Additionally, the season might be grooming us for better opportunities and lifestyle. I will share here a post I stumbled upon on WhatsApp about the positive effect the lockdown period had on people’s lives, wellbeing, growth and development many years ago.

Again, I would share various lessons from the pandemic:

  1. There are things that truly matter and there are things that do not. There are things that count and things that do not really count. This season is teaching us to priotise humanity and family above everything else. This points to the fact that there is nothing more important than life and the gift of life. Therefore, don’t lose yourself because at the end of the day you will always remain by yourself. This period is teaching us to value humanity more. It’s telling us to value one another’s wellbeing and welfare over whatever or any other thing we are chasing. It might be a goal, vision, among others.


  1. Life is vanity. Everything failed, medical knowledge failed, blooming economy failed, money failed. Live life of value and impact.


  1. Man proposes, God disposes. Only God’s plan is ultimate.



  1. Be humble. Anything of value can lose its value. Again, anything can lose its value.


  1. It calls everyone to be responsible.


  1. God speaks to us in different ways. This event might just be God communicating with us. Everything is quiet. It’s the best season to hear him speak.


  1. Never settle for less, imagine being stuck with someone you married for marriage sake. At this point it will be so boring and depressing. Imagined you married an abuser, No more going to work as an escape. Imagine you married someone that your values are not congruent, there would be plenty argument and disagreement. Imagine marrying someone without self- control, that’s trouble o. While some couples are bonding, some are in disarray. Choose wisely.



  1. You can seek God personally without the help of anybody.

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