Hi everyone. Am here again to share my thoughts on a movie titled “Laide’s Note”. Anu Kolade’s Laide’s Note is an interesting movie that every single individual especially ladies should watch. Sure, this movie should resonate with you if you left or declined a relationship because you wanted to please God. Below are lessons I garnered from the movie.

  • When you perceive God is speaking to you, confirm with the scriptures. Sometimes, whatever God tells you/someone, he confirms with another person or you.


  • God does a perfect job. He is not an altar of confusion. If God is leading you to someone, he speaks to the person also, especially, in the situation the confirmation is greatly needed.


  • As a child of God, you should not be desperate but trust God’s perfect plan for your life. It may tarry but it will surely come because God is not a liar.



  • Be informed about the quarter-life crisis, when you doubt your abilities, when you feel you are too slow. No, don’t feel that way, it only shows you are alert and wants to make the best out of life. Again, always have it at the back of your mind that every good thing will come.


  • Any relationship that helps you to violate your values is not a healthy one. End it. If you don’t end it, it will end up ending you or jeopardizing God’s plans for your life. Again, it will hurt you brutally and make you miserable. Always remember that it is better to please God and hurt man than hurt God to please man. God’s plan is more attractive than a man’s plan.



  • Do not be equally yoked with an unbeliever. No matter what, there would be clashes of values.


  • Any relationship that fights your authentic self is not worth it.



  • Do not allow the pressure to get married sell you into the hands of the wrong person.


  • Seek a closer relationship with God. When you find God, you would be found.



  • Make a decision you and God will be happy with and not just yourself. Don’t be selfish.


  • Be in love with yourself.

Thanks for reading. Too much love from me to you.Byeeeeeeeeeeeee

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