A popular writer, Chimamanda Adichie, in one of her speeches, talks about her book, Dear Ijeawale, which is about  suggesstions on how to raise a female child. she also mentioned that “Masculinity is a small tight ugly cage, which should be broken and rebuilt”.  Yes, really. Men should be raised and not watched to grow. It is important to note that the society focuses more on the female gender, which is not good enough.It is high time we do same for male. This is necessary to combat most of the societal issues.Since Chimamanda Adichie has written about how to raise a female child, I would love to write about how to raise a male child, which was inspired by Chimamanda’s speech about her book, Dear Ijeawale. Below are 18 suggestions on how to raise a male child.

  1. Let’s teach him to say I am sorry, please and thank you. He should not just say Sorry; he should say “I am sorry”.
  2. Let’s teach him to accept No from a woman. He should accept a female’s No for a No and not feel that she is not serious. Again, he should be taught not to feel entitled.
  3. Let’s teach him that men are human too and are free to exhibit their emotions just the same way women do. Men can feel pain, be vulnerable and be rejected.
  4. Let’s teach him how to cook and do household work. Additionally, Let’s teach him to be present in his family and home.
  5. Let’s teach him never to victimize, rape, silence, or cheat on a woman.
  6. Let’s teach him a female is a subject.
  7. Let’s teach a male child that he should not like a woman because of what can be taken from her but loved for being herself. Her originality should be eulogized above her perfection.
  8. Let’s teach a male child that no excuse is tenable for abuse.
  9. Let’s teach him that it’s a man who determines a child’s gender and it’s okay to have a female child.
  10. Let’s teach him it’s bad to depend on a woman for survival. He should have something doing too, no matter how little.
  11. Let’s teach him that anger is a human thing not gender specific. Both gender can feel anger. Teach him that it’s ok for a woman to voice her frustration if she is not dwelling on it.
  12. Let’s teach him never to judge a female from afar rather he should move closer before he concludes or decides.
  13. Let’s teach a male child that it’s okay for a woman to be uncanny to any man who wants to harm her. That it’s okay for her not to accept any form of abuse because of marriage.
  14. Let’s teach a male child that it’s okay for a woman to leave a man who cheats on her.
  15. Let’s teach a male child that it’s bad to body shame a woman. If he doesn’t love her the way she is; he should move on.
  16. Let’s teach a male child that he is not exceptional neither is woman. Both male and female are human.
  17. Let’s teach him not to promise a woman marriage if he won’t marry her.
  18. Let’s teach him that if he is sexually active and cannot accept a virgin’s experience or help her grow to his standards, he should go for his type.



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  • Interesting!

    • Yes, really interesting. I wished I could delve more into this subject matter.The society focuses more on the female than the male gender. Thanks for commenting.


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