FRANCINE RIVERS: REDEEMING LOVE (for those who hurt and hunger)

When I started reading Redeeming Love, I was reminded that genuine love only exist in Christ. This genuine love was bestowed on the protagonist, Sarah, a typical innocent girl who goes through abuse, hurt, pain among others. Her various experiences changed her name. Can you imagine that? Which experience do you have that has changed your name? Let me remind you that outside Christ exists pain and love and only Christ can heal wounds no matter how deep and ugly.

Sarah, an innocent girl grows in an atmosphere of bitterness and rejection. She is rejected by her father and her mother who still cares for her dies prematurely. Her father rejects her because he never wanted her conception. In a bid to survive, she becomes a prostitute at Pair-a-Dice at a very tender age. She becomes bitter, hurt and pained because of her numerous obnoxious experiences. Eventually, a man, Michael falls in love with her despite her dirty past. Michael shows her extraordinary love but she cannot imagine its real, since she feels she does not deserve it. She escapes severally from Michael but he never gave up on her. Eventually, they got married and lived happily ever after.

Murphy –Devil
Pair-a-Dice –Sin
Angel-Human beings
Paul-A reminder of the past
1. No amount of pain, hurt can make you ugly if God has beautified you. For Angel she was seeing the pain but God and Micheal were seeing the beauty. Let’s look more on the internal not the external. The internal is the real you
2. You may not even be the exact picture for a man who will marry you but it will be exactly how God wants it.
3. There are things you accepted not because you want it, but because you had to put up with it; however, God always have a better plan.
4. The right man will chase you, irrespective of your past and imperfection. You won’t need to chase him no matter how ulgy you look or your past looks to others.
5. Sarah bear different names at every moment of her life. Situation tag us differently. People and situations give us different names but we should not accept the name given to us by people or circumstance but the name God has given us.
6. Angel learnt lessons from her hurtful experiences. So we are also to learn from our painful experiences and not allow them drain us.
7. Though it might leave a scar and the healing may take long, but with God, wounds heal, no matter how deep and devastating they are.
8. Micheal Hosea ask God questions about Angel when he was confused and God answered him. Learn to enquire from God in any situation or circumstance.
9. God’s love for us is so powerful that at times he gives us what we think we do not deserve.
10. A woman  suffers, regret, and hurt when she loves the wrong man.


11. Don’t ever wished you were like anybody because there is always a dark side to every beautiful story. Wish you become who God wants you to become. He will always have a better plan for you. Miriam looked at Angel and wished she was like her as regards her love life because she was not aware what Angel has been through in her life(she was raped at age 8) .When you wish to be like people, you should also ask for the grace to survive their pain and hurt before they arrived at their destination. Never envy anyone, everyone has a baggage people don’t just speak about it. They only emphasis their successes.
12. When you find true love, you will forget all your pain uncontrollably.
13. Even when you are free from bondage. The devil will always remind you of your past! Beware and remember everyone has a past.
14. It is a wonderful and beautiful thing to love someone and have them love you back.
15. Your past is part of you; you will be loved by the right person irrespective of it.
16. Toxic people’s goal is to make others miserable because they are despondent. Don’t tolerate them for a second and don’t ever give them the tiniest space in your life. The only favour you can do them is pray for them.
17. You can never find genuine love anywhere except in Christ.


18. Knowing Christ helps you to discover how to appropriate your gift and talent.
19. Man can give up on his love but God can never give up on his love.

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