It’s about 60minutes to the clock of an additional year for me and I’m kind of in-between reflection and jubilation. The last 365 days of my life has been one filled with numerous adventures and decision points and I really do believe that the ability and willingness to learn, unlearn and relearn should be everyone’s dearest virtue. One thing I’m certain of is the fact the last one year has been laced with great wins but at the same time I wouldn’t hide the fact that it could have been a whole lot better. It is said that that “life’s what is happening when you’re busy making other plans”. As one who loves to have a sense of direction and control of major happenings in my life; that very statement isn’t one I feel very comfortable with. Nonetheless I’ve learnt to trust the one who holds the future.

It all began about two weeks after my convocation in 2018, it was my birthday and of course it was time to make plans upon plans lining up to the start of the compulsory NYSC scheme. Then came the first big decision point! Out of the 36 states in the country, which exactly was I going to pick? Although I had preferences, my resort was to PRAYER! I wasn’t going to leave this crucial stage of my life to chance so I prayed and prayed till I was most certain that my choice would be influenced by the one who of course knows the end from the beginning. Hence, I wasn’t too surprised when my posting came from a simple conversation: “Hey young man, I think I like you, go there and put down your name. Tell them I sent you….” It was that simple, and here I am, serving and having the best of time. There goes my first lesson; I commit my ways to God and He directs my path. It may not always turn out the very way I expected but knowing He’s fully involved is soothing.

Secondly, the value of good networks has been another interesting lesson. Being a reserved and introverted person, I’ve always preferred embarking on projects alone. The more I tried, the more I realized the gift of right association might actually be the best gift after all. The moment I opened up to people, help was underway and great success achieved. The same goes for personal development and goals. I had countless moments with no iota of motivation and at these times I found accountability to be a better foothold than discipline. At those times I fell back to my support system and it took a few words/assurance/prayers and sometimes threats to kick myself up again. Having a good support system made up of people who can’t afford to see you fail has been a big plus for me. I should also mention that the way to attracting such persons is being one yourself.


Another unforgettable lesson life taught me when I was busy making other plans is that “Sometimes, the knowledge gained in the process of working towards a goal far outweighs achieving the goal itself”.  In past months I’ve had a couple of ideas to run, and more often than not, they suffer from the fear of ‘how exactly do I go about this’. At some points I decided to break out of my shell and take steps. Surprisingly the lessons learnt during the process were numerous. One of my favorite was the several times I thought of hosting a career fair for students and young adults. It seemed so impossible until I took steps to share my idea with a couple of friends and make enquiries from several quarters. In the end I’m glad the team has been able to reach and inspire hundreds of students.

In conclusion, being at peace with the happening in one’s life doesn’t just come by enjoy day to day frivolities. A relationship with God, surrounding yourself with the right people and an unending passion for learning and impact made my year worth the while. These I’ve learnt rather unintentionally but while making other plans!

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