Hi everyone, welcome to Palacedaughter. Much fun in the air. Today’s post is not like every other. I felt it should be a little different. I am going to share 5 random words people say to short people and I know any short person can relate.

  1. What level are you? Chai, I can’t count the number of times I have heard this. Are you a student? What level are you? You have to start explaining that you are not a student or even have to show your identity card.
  2. Come to the front: This happens most of the time when you want to snap pictures especially with a group of people. Everyone will be forming tall but I can’t. You will hear words like come to the front.
  3. Do you know my age? This one really baffles me. In my mind, I know these people’s age and it’s not like they are really old and yet, they will still tell me things like “Do you know my age” just to prove a point. That’s what cute people face. Everyone thinks they are older than you. It’s so funny.
  4. Don’t you wear high heels? People will just look at you and tell you things like you should consider wearing high heel. What if I don’t like it? And if you wear a medium one, they will tell you that you should wear something longer even if it’s not going to be comfortable for you.
  5. Marry someone who is tall o: This one is so funny, they will tell you that you should marry someone who is tall so that your children won’t be short. They have forgotten that children may not necessarily take their parents gene but their grandparents too. What if their grandparents are tall?
  6. Your husband will find it easy to carry you on your wedding day: Lol…this got me. Like seriously? People say this to me many times and am like, why must people remind me that am portable but it’s fine sha. All glory to God.


  • This blog is really inspiring and more fascinating! Keep it up. Thanks for writing about short people, I believe the points listed are not limited to these though some are positive while some are negative. All well and good, our disposition to life is what matters. In the future also consider writing on tall people. Thanks

    • Madam Olawuyi, I sincerely appreciate your comment.Much love from me to you. Cheers.


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