Hi ladies, welcome back to Palacedaughter. Today’s post has been specifically crafted for you. Just to let you know that you need to stop existing and start living your best life. In this post I will give you an idea of things you can do as single to keep you relevant because this is the only time you can be successfully selfish about your goals in life. So maximize this period. See below:

1.Discover your purpose in life: At this period, you have all the time to discover your purpose in life and put in the work you need to actualize your vision. You should pray, read books and search the scriptures to discover why God created you and strive to impact your world maximally. When you highlight your purpose in life, it helps you identify the man that is right for you. When he finds you and pops the question, you should also ask yourself a sincere question, “are your visions congruent?”


2.Travel: The best time to travel is now. Explore places and meet people. It’s a great experience.

3. Read, write, publish books and study more: Read, write and publish books. Read good books for the purpose of self-development and if you are interested in writing books, write and publish. It’s also an opportunity to study more and get more degrees.

4.Explore diverse dress sense: Explore diverse dress-sense, go natural. Try new things and hair styles.

5.Love and pamper yourself: Love and pamper yourself. If you love yourself, it will show in the decisions you make in life. You won’t settle for less, compare yourself with anyone, stay in an abusive relationship, or live a fake life rather you will seek to grow, become a better person, stay happy and gravitate towards people who love and celebrate you for who you are and not for what you are. Pamper yourself, don’t wait for anyone to take you out, t take yourself out. Don’t wait for anyone to validate you, validate yourself. Celebrate the woman you are becoming. Stay in front of the mirror and tell the girl, lady you see, “You are beautiful”.

6.Learn to drive, swim and cook: Learn to drive, swim and cook. It will be beneficial for you and your family in the future.

7.Be financially independent: Save and invest in order to get more money. Be an asset not a liability.

8.Be Heartbroken: Sometimes, it might not be intentional but you just fall for the wrong guy. Don’t condemn yourself but celebrate your vulnerability. It only revalidates that “you are human”. It’s necessary as what does not kill you makes you stronger and wiser. It actually helps you identify and appreciate the right guy when he comes around. This way, you are wired at making better decisions for yourself in the future.

9.Be fit: Do exercises, stop junk food and drinks. Eat healthy by eating good food and taking a lot of fruits, vegetable and water. Glow. Be a baby girl.


10.Deassociate from toxic people: Know what is good and bad for you. Be selective in your relationships. Learn to examine your life from time to time and de- clutter it of toxic people and end unhealthy relationships. It is your duty to preserve your dignity, joy, peace, self-esteem and integrity.

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