Hi everyone, welcome back to the blog. Sure, you are doing fine. Today, I would love to share with you my favourite Palacedaughter blog posts that I read over and over again. See below:
1.    A Saturday to Reminisce: A visit to Olumo Rock, Abeokuta, Ogun State: Because one of my goals for a particular year was to travel more, I embarked on this insightful journey. Not only was it pleasurable and exciting; it brought with it moments of sights and sounds. The historical facts that I got with figures really made the outing enthralling. The post would either give you a diverse view of the place as well as add to your knowledge of the place if you have visited it before or it would give you an idea of a place to visit in Nigeria if you have not visited before. I love the post because it is informative and entertaining.
2.    7 Books that have Changed my Life Completely: In this post I deliberately handpicked seven books among all the books that have read that made me a better individual. These books are about different subject matter from purpose to relationship to spirituality to childhood life among others. If you are familiar with those books you will relate, if not you can as well get those books and read. You will thank me later.
3.    Single and Excited: This is a striking topic because most people won’t expect to hear or see this blog title as everyone expects every single person who is of marriageable age to brood rather than being excited. This post is an eye opener about other things that are as important as marriage and should be explored while waiting.
4.    Laurie Whetstone-Idahosa: Every Woman’s Journey: The good thing about this post is that the book examined is for all the categories of women. All women who want to live a purposeful life irrespective of their age and status should read it.
5.    On Essential Matters!: This post is one of a kind. In it, you will learn how to create a deeper connection with people in life and reinforce what is more important. The lessons in the write-up were garnered from Coach Jane. You would love it. Read more…
6.    You are in an Abusive Relationship if…: In my entire blogging experience, I have never seen a post that got huge traffic immediately after posting. This post will enlighten you on how to identify an abusive relationship because the problem with people in toxic relationships is not really the abuse but the inability to identify that they are in bad relationships. Once you identify abusive relationship you can get help. This post will offer you that help.
7.    On Living Daily…and More!: I have never felt the kind of emotion I felt while reading this post. It offers great lessons, which I may not be able to explain but one thing I grasped was never to stop being good irrespective of circumstances. It is important to note that being good makes you happier and a better person.
8.    A Relationship you should never settle for: This is like a hot gist of what is very important and real but people never pay attention to.Read more…

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