Pain has a purpose. And it definitely achieves it while it lasts. Asides from being your body’s way of calling your attention to your health or alerting you of a pending danger or one already wrecking its havoc, it shows you who people truly are.
We all have pains and I can’t think of any living adult or child who has never had a period of pain. Each one of us must have suffered a cut, bruised our skin or hit our foot. We live in a fallen world and accidents are meant to happen. We fall sick too and it often times comes with the inconveniences that later leaves along with the illness.
However, there’s a pain that stays for too long. It affects the body and eventually, the soul. This kind of pain is dangerous because it causes you to learn to live with it. It becomes part of you, gradually taking over your entire being. You make adjustments to cope, and by helplessly adopting the pain and conforming to it, it affects even the decisions you make… before you know it, you are losing yourself in the pain, you are losing your identity and your life seems on autopilot. If you are not careful, you begin to react to things instead of responding.
Many in our world today have allowed their circumstances to mar their souls. They grow in disdain towards people and are easily irritated. They feel cheated because of their own struggles and forget that every other person has their personal demons too. This is why regardless of what we are going through, we must never forget to be kind and considerate. You never know what the person next to you is going through, and though sometimes, we seemed overcome by the challenges on our paths, we are called to be salts and lights. We can’t be that when we are bitter at our pain or allow our tears to quench our lights and darken our souls.
Not everyone will take to this advice though. Some, who mostly often have lesser issues compared to others, or even find themselves in situations caused by their own decisions, actions and inactions, turn against others as though in revenge. Maybe they, through pain, have lost their identity. Maybe. But you, yes you, have to make an important decision not to allow them affect you. Believe them when they show you who they are and steer clear of any negativity for the sake of your own healing
Yet, in the darkness of people’s selfishness, shine! In the midst of negative vibes, exude positivity, in spite of your own struggles, be kind. What good is your light if you shine in seclusion? There is a lesson to pass across, a path to illuminate for others to walk on. A point to make… That longstanding pains, of body and mind, and everything that comes with living with it, whether it’s your fault or not, you won’t let it smear your soul. That you will remain a true light in the midst of difficulties and in spite of your pains.
Till next time, dear reader, always remember pain is meant to make you STRONG!



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  • That pain is inevitable in our realm is in one way disturbing but also comforting in that we are never alone in our pain, others suffer as we suffer, it's really cool to be reminded to remain considerate and kindd in spite of our pain experiences

  • This comment is so soothing.Though am pained but am comforted already.Thanks.

  • Whenever we are pained, let us always remember that our experience is not only peculiar to us( we are not alone).Lets also understand that many have gone through what we are going through currently and they surmounted it while some will still go through it.You are meant to be a source of encouragement to those.Again,pain makes us stronger.Embrace it and don't end your life.There are better days ahead.

  • Thank you for your comments


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