Hi, everyone. Welcome back to Palacedaughter’s blog. Today, I am going to permit you to peep into my world and get to know more about me. In this post, I will be sharing with you 12 random things many people do not know about me.Look below:

1. I am in love with Art and Nature: I love Art and Nature (green and house plants) because they inspire me. I love painting, drawing and sculptures. Sometimes, I just settle in my closet to do some drawings or artwork. During my younger years, I expressed myself through art. For example, I wrote  and drew my prayer points. I remember one time when I wrote a prayer point asking God to provide a red car for my parents. I drew a car and painted it red.

2. I am an Aesthete by Nature: I love beautiful things and therefore, compliment a lot of people and things when I see them. Additionally, my love for beauty drove me to explore aesthetics in my first and second degree.

3. I love Wristwatches, Handbags and Dresses: I am so much in love with wristwatches, handbags and dresses. Wristwatches are dear to me because they bring out the beauty of the hands and fingers. Handbags and wristwatches are good accessories for outfits. I personally feel that if you want to know what someone’s taste is like, check the wristwatch and handbag. I also love dresses because they are classy.

4. I love Unisex Items: I wear unisex materials because they make me really unpredictable. Yea, I love men’s wallets and wristwatches. Sometimes, people wonder when they see me with a man’s wallet. At times, the look on their faces are even bizarre but I love it like that. There are a number of reasons why I use a man’s wallet, One is to avoid the use of purse with zip. Many female purses come with zips which spoil easily. I got tired of  always struggling with zips, when I can  get male wallets that are zip free.

5. I love to enjoy myself: Observing the Sunrise and Sunset is something I enjoy. I also go to the beach occasionally to have fun or visit a relaxation center after busy days at work. I love traveling and adventure. I also love to have my quiet time, in order to get inspiration. Family time and that good life is paramount to me. At times, I just love going for what I want.

6. I am an organized person: When I say organized, I don’t mean OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I just love to keep my things where I can find them easily. I also love to keep my things neat and tidy. I make sure I lay my bed before leaving the house. Again, documentation of my daily and yearly goals is key. I plan ahead of any event because I dislike fire brigade approach,  believing steady preparation is better than immediate preparation that brings about unrest and at times, disorganization.

7. I love music, movies and books. I also love to write: During my leisure time, if I am not taking any personal development course, I listen to music, watch movies and read books. I also love to write stories, and document my emotions.  It’s my passion.

8. I really really love fruits: I love and eat a lot of fruits because they are good for the skin. It makes the skin glow. Additionally, it strengthens the immune system.
 9. I rarely watch Television: I rarely watch TV. Even if I wanted, there is no time because I spend most of my time reading, writing, praying, working, marketing and lots more. You may want to ask how I get apprised of information. I get all the updates I need online.
10. I love to cook, but hate washing: I really love to cook but hate washing plates and cloths. You may want to ask how I cope. Send a direct message or e-mail and I will tell you.

11. I won Miss Cute Award when I was in the University: This is the only casual award I have, although I look forward to more. I won Miss Cute Award, which I never expected but received with so much excitement. I am happy I am cute :).Thank you Jesus.

12. I don’t like taking pictures: I don’t really like taking pictures. I don’t really, really like taking pictures. But well… I got myself to take these ones for you. LOL Thanks so much for reading ;).

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