Hello, dear reader. It’s good to have you back. How have you been doing? Sure you are doing great. I went through a series of self-awareness this week and would love to share with you. If you must agree with me, many of us still can’t genuinely differentiate between a friend or an acquaintance. Many of us call almost everyone we meet our friends. Many of us don’t really know what to build first before a lasting relationship. We suddenly just jump from step 1 to 5.If there is anything you must never forget about this article, it’s that friendship is a process. A process of growth, a process of patience, a process of development and lots more.
I chose friendship over love…
We hear stories of people who surmounted challenges all because of friendship. Right? It was a process. It is also important to note that most of the sour experiences we have in relationships is because we have not built that bond of friendship. This is because love can exist without friendship but friendship cannot exist without love.


Really, the friendship ought to come first before the relationship but we put the relationship first and there are lots of bruises, pain and hurt. I would love to share with you why I chose friendship over love.It’s because friendship entails these traits below while love may not necessarily prioritize it.
1.       Trust:Trust is the foundation for friendship. But really, Can you genuinely love someone you do not trust? This is a rhetorical question for you. Trust is the basic in friendship. You want someone who can have your back. Who you can lean on. You want someone who is reliable. Building trust is a process and it springs  from examining various experiences you have with this person you call your friend and deciding whether this person is worth believing. There can be love without trust but genuine friendship cannot exist without trust.
2.       Support: Support is real in friendship. You are always there to help, encourage and pray for this person.
3.       Acceptability: In real friendship, you accept this person as he or she is. You don’t only accommodate the person’s strengths but also weaknesses.
4.       Listening Ears:In genuine friendship, you listen more because there is power in attentiveness. It helps you to pay attention to details and helps the other person feel important.
5.       Emotional Availability: You are available emotionally. You feel connected to this person always.
6.       Similar Interest: You value your similar interests and use them to foster a lasting friendship. Really, you share a lot in common, that is why you are friends in the first place. It seems like that was what attracted you to each other. You agree easily.
7.       Availability during Tough Times: Though this might be difficult, you stay available to this person during tough times as you have also had good times together. This is where the traits of acceptability comes in. You have to accept their good and evil.


8.       Reciprocation: You reciprocate. You are not the only one receiving, you are also giving. Giving your time, resources and lots more.
9.       Best Interest in Mind: You have each other’s interest in mind. You want this person to succeed. You try your best to make this individual a better person.
10.   Reaching out always: You reach out always not only when you need help or something.
11.   Loyalty: And lastly but not the least you are loyal. To me the gift of loyalty in friendship is the best gift. It is superior to material gifts. You make up your mind not to betray this person.
In conclusion, I choose friendship over love because love can exist without friendship but friendship can’t exist without love. I hope this article helps you to build a lasting relationship, which is void of hurt, pain and bruises because all have been taken care of during friendship.
I choose friendship over love.


  • I too choose friendship over love, love is amorphous, can't be easily defined and can @ times be irrational, I choose friendship for the very reasons listed above, because they are tangible/can-be-listed and can be easily defined. Great article!

  • I agree with you dear reader that love is shapeless. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • This is simply fantastic! Good job well spelt out dear Palace Daughter.

  • Thank you dear reader. Hope to have you back.

  • Great! I also chose friendship

  • Thanks for commenting Royal Cuzy.


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