Hi everyone, welcome back to the blog. I have really missed blogging and am so sorry I have not posted in a while. Palacedaughter blog’s intern went on a short break and I had to fix some personal issues.
So now to the topic of the day…
If you have not watched Mike Bamiloye’s “Abejoye”, please go and watch. The movie is superb, well-acted and there are many lessons to learn from it.
  Let me brief you if you have not watched it…

 The movie tells the story of a family who is a picture of a Christian family. The father of the house is even an elder in the church; however, he is cheating on his wife.On the other hand,the family battles a spiritual problem, which makes them embark on a fasting and praying programme.In the course of the fast and prayer,the family welcomes to their house the father’s father who is diabolical and a traditional ruler . 

The family keeps having attacks and nightmares. They are supposed to agree as a family to fight the evil in prayers, but the father of the house  engages in secret sin which caused more evil and hindered their prayers from being answered.



Lessons learnt from Mike Bamiloye’s Abejoye
1.    You may not destroy a place but you can point a place to the destroyer. Whichever, none is good.
2.    Don’t be too anxious in any matter, let the holy spirit lead you. Sometimes, in handling life’s situation, it’s better to be led by God rather than trying to sort things out by yourself.
3.    The sorrow of those who run after strange gods shall be multiplied.
4.    There is nothing hidden from God. So there is no secret really because God can decide to expose you any time, any day.
5.Sin  opens the door for attacks.
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