LAURIE WHETSTONE-IDAHOSA:EVERY WOMAN’S JOURNEY( Nuggets for every woman who wants to live a purposeful life)

First of all, I would like to appreciate the person who gave me this book. Thanks for your kind gesture. I remember my first contact with you in my first place of appointment. In a team of 13 men, we were the only females and you made a great impression. Thanks so much. 
This book has really impacted me and I believe it will do the same for you too. The information in the book may not be useful now but will definitely be in the future. It might not be for you but someone close to you. Let’s digest it together.
Nugget 1: Motherhood starts before you experience your first pregnancy, meet the love of your life or even before adolescence. Womanhood starts the moment a female child discovers the difference between herself and the opposite sex. (Idahosa 21)
Nugget 2: Motherhood is not only for those who have experienced the joy of giving birth. All women are mothers because she has the capacity not only to incubate a child but also dreams, visions, hopes, desires in their fetal form and release them to the world at the appropriate time. (Idahosa 22)
Nugget 3: Among the responsibilities that motherhood brings is to protect our daughters and female from being exposed to the wrongs in our society. We must protect them from abuse, molestation and being taken advantage of. We must encourage her to uphold integrity, purity and be a God fearing woman as she grows into an adult. It also essential we give her quality education. Additionally, be ready to advise her on sexuality, abstinence and how to keep herself pure until marriage. Again, avoid being judgemental in your relationship with her (Idahosa 28)
Nugget 4: A woman should be able to decide the season of her life when she is ready to prayerfully settle for a life partner and avoid unnecessary dating and flirting until that time.(Idahosa 43)
Nugget 5: The waiting season (for life partner and child) for every young woman should be invested in developing godly character and impacting the world.(Idahosa 45)
Nugget 6: During a woman’s waiting period, she is free from entanglement from family and able to serve God.(Idahosa 46)
Nugget 7: “A woman should not be unnecessarily consumed to find a mate. If she is on the right pathway, she will be able to allow suitable mate to find her”.(Idahosa 47)
Nugget 8: As woman we should give our female children the opportunity to be educated, to express their creativity and grow to become woman that God wants them to be.(Idahosa 49)
Nugget 9: Every woman should seize the opportunity to be the best person she can be. She should read books, attend seminar, impact her world, serve God, go to school, travel and relate with different cultures, pray and develop a genuine relationship with God.(Idahosa 54)
Nugget 10: A woman who is yet to give birth should seek to help and bring out the best in other people’s children.(Idahosa 58-61)
Nugget 11: A woman should never be idle, she should always engage her skills, talent, gifts to impact the people around her and her world.(Idahosa 62)
Nugget 12: For every nursing mothers out there, please breastfeed your child maximally. Additionally, be informed that you are not to only cater for your child’s physical needs but also emotional and spiritual needs.
Nugget 13: Single mothers should not be condemned because people become single parent for many reasons; however, this is not an encouragement for young girls to get pregnant outside marriage.(Idahosa 110) Single parents should seek counsel and help from their pastors and counsellors.
Nugget 14: The woman as a grandmother: “Grandchildren are like the candle on a birthday cake, the diamond on a ring or the cherry on an ice cream cone. It’s the best reward you can have in life” – Rev Mrs. Faye Whetstone (Idahosa 116) “It’s more fun to be a grandparent because you don’t have the responsibility of the daily tasks, you just have the joy” (Idahosa 123)
Nugget 15: Grandmothers are to be spiritual examples, mentors, women of faith that is worthy of emulation (Idahosa 120)
Nugget 16: As a mother, if your children don’t have a child of your own, you can be a grandmother to other people’s children or people whose mother are not accessible.(Idahosa 125)

 Laurie Idahosa’s Testimony
 Laurie narrated her experience of how she waited for 6 years to have a child. The doctor told her husband and her that they were 99.9% infertile. They were told that they would never be able to conceive a child naturally. They experienced frustrations because of the doctor’s reports. They went through painful infertility treatments which eventually resulted in the birth of their first son who died 12 hours after his birth. They felt it was the end of the world. They experienced shame. However, this period taught her to wait on God and have a beautiful relationship with her husband and the family she was blessed with.

Message for the Pregnant Woman

1.    Have a good Antenatal care and a reliable gynecologist whom you visit regularly from your first trimester.

2.    Research on your condition. Read books and search the internet. Read books like “Supernatural Birth” by Jackie Mize, “What to Expect When You Are Expecting” by Heidi Murkoff, Your Pregnancy Week by Week by Glade B.Curtis. You can also check this site for useful, www.pregnancy.comand 


 3.    Pray over the child growing inside of you.


 A Warning to Pregnant Woman
 No reason is tenable for an abortion, do not try it. God has a plan for    every child.
Pregnant Woman’s Creed
When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you. When you walk through fire, you will not be burned or scorched, nor will the flame kindle upon you. Isaiah 43:2

About the Author
Rev. Laurie Whetstone Idahosa is a pastor, a motivational speaker, author and mentor to countless number of people around the world.

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