I am not here to debate or tell story. I just watched the movie now and have not recovered from all I saw really. I would advise that you should see the movie if you have not watched.I had to watch  myself because I wanted to understand it better having heard different things people said about it. Some said Men are selfish while some said a character in the movie, the lady named Melinda should have been patient. So I came up with my own views.
1. Never involve third party in your relationship, if you are making a decision, do it all by yourself and take responsibility for it.Again, don’t blame anyone for your action or  the repercussion of your action. This way, you will learn to count the cost before making any decision.
2. If you have endured that long, then, its too late to give up. Remember that anytime you have the urge to give up, a miracle is by the corner, it has happened to me several times.
3. Do not start a relationship without a foundation. There are different types of relationship and it’s better you are clear about your partner’s intention so that you can be sure where you stand.
4.Never make a decision when you are angry or grieving. They turn out bad most of the time.

5. If he is not texting back, if he’s not calling back. If you are giving more than you are receiving.You should reconsider the relationship. He is not into you.

6. Love is a beautiful thing but  happens when you are with the right person and communication is key in marriage. Learn to explain the reason you are making every decision to your partner.This way, you will help your partner  understand you better. Additionally, do not settle for a jobless man. It can be very stressful.


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