The movie “Last Man Standing” by Damilola Mike-Bamiloye portrays a lady, Shilla who was abused at the age of 13.She  is psychopathic and bitter because she has not recovered from the event.Eventually, she murders the man who raped her and infects 12 men with  HIV. 13 men were hurt by her action.Let’s note that  13 is really significant in the movie because she was raped at the age of 13.So what becomes of her? You can watch the movie to know more.
One lesson I learnt from the movie was that forgiveness is not as easy as people paint it, especially when the person in question does not deserve it and you have scar left from the event.However, when we think about Christ, forgiveness will be easier because he is the only one who can heal our wounds and make us whole again.
The picture quality of the movie is fine.Again,I give the costume, props, characters, setting, music, and  make-up thumbs up.Enjoy the movie.

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