As a teenager, I grew up with so many pimples and dark spots on my face. Gradually, the pimples disappeared and the dark spots faded. People probed to know the secret and I told them that I ate a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are generally promoted as healthy because they supply dietary fiber. 

They help to minimize the incidence of cardiovascular disease and obesity. They also contain phytochemicals, which help to reduce aging process. These phytochemicals include Anthocyanin found in berries and Lycopene found in tomatoes, which help to lessen the risk of cancer.
Fruits help to maintain a healthy skin tone, boost hair growth and enhance good mood. Fruit like Apple helps to remove acne and lose weight. Berries can manage diarrhea and prevent joint inflammation and pain.  Mangoes improve memory and enhance vision while Pawpaw manages stress.
Tomatoes purify the blood while aloe vera stops the growth of tumors and cures burn. Oranges are good for skin, teeth, and gums. They are very rich in Vitamin C and therefore, cures cold. Lemon also cures cold and treats vision issues.
Broccoli improves vision while limes help to exfoliate the skin when rubbed on the skin. It also prevents respiratory and urinary disorder when consumed. Dates are good for the kidney and liver when eaten. They also help to prevent diabetes.
Fruits help to maintain healthy weight because it burns fat especially belly fat. It also reduces spots, blemish and maintains a healthy glow. If you want to look younger than your age and stay away from the hospital, take a lot of fruits and vegetables.
In conclusion, it is beneficial to consume a minimum of 400g of fruits and vegetables per day. It is also healthy to minimize the intake of starchy food in order to prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Again, eat raw, fresh and ripe fruits rather than cooked or processed ones because it is more beneficial for the health.
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