The Diva Principle by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

1. The Diva Principle: DIVA by Michelle Mckinney Hammond has blessed me. The book DIVA, unveils the secrets to Divine Inspiration for Victorious Attitude and teaches that “There is emptiness in living a fabulous life for just yourself. The fact is it’s simply not fabulous” (Michelle Mckinney Hammond). Divas bless and inspire others to fulfill the will of God. I also learnt that Divas are prayer warriors and word searchers.


Additionally, Divas are humble, honest and confident. They go to where they are celebrated not tolerated. They also see themselves the way God sees them not the way others see them. The book focuses on biblical female characters like Ruth, Deborah, Lydia, Abigail, Queen of Sheba and Shulamite woman among others. I bet that if you read this book, your life won’t remain the same.
2. Dream Seeds: Mike Murdock’s Dream Seed has impacted my life greatly. I learnt from the book that there are seeds, which are invisible vision that God planted in me and it is my job to desire it, discover it, respect it and cultivate it irrespective of the challenges that come my way. Again, I learnt that when I am pursing my dreams, I should persists, have faith and obey every instruction from God.
Dream Seeds by Mike Murdock
3. Shaper than a Two Edged Sword: Oh my God! I don’t think I will ever recover from the encounters I got from that book. Sharper than a Two Edged Sword by Andrew Wommack made me understand that the word of the lord is sharper than two edged sword, which means I can fight with it and win and it can also turn my life around. I recorded so many testimonies after reading that book.
Shaper than Two Edged Sword by Andrew Wommack
4. How to be found by the Man you have been looking for: Michelle Mckinney Hammond’s How to be found by the Man you have been looking for is super amazing. The quote below is one of the quotes from the book.
“We were designed by God to fit one man, to fill the gap in his rib. Of course, we could fit with many men, but one will fit better than most. If we want the best mate for our lives, we must be willing to understand our own uniqueness and wait for the right fit. No, there is no perfect man, but there will be one who will be best suited for loving you and dealing with all the delicate areas of your heart and spirit”.
How to be found by the Man you have been looking for by Michelle Mckinney Hammond

5. Enjoying where you are on the way to where you are going: This book by Joyce Meyer has changed my perspective about life. In the book, I learnt that though my life may not be perfect, I should thank God that I am not where I use to be. I learnt to enjoy my present status irrespective of the challenges, disappointment, and experiences while looking forward to the next phase. The experience I garnered in the transition to the next stage is significant in the big picture.
Enjoying where you are on the way to where you are going by Joyce Meyer
6. How to Hear from God: I read this book by Joyce Meyer more than two times and my life never remained the same. I learnt from the book that God speaks in diverse ways. He speaks to us through his word, natural things, his prophets, the people we listen to, inner witness and dreams among others.
How to hear from God by Joyce Meyer


7. Only Bread for Eze:  I read Ifeoma Okoye’ s Only Bread for Eze when I was very young. I could remember that my parents bought me a collection of books and this book was one of them. Maybe because I loved bread so much then. I learnt one lesson from the book, that too much of everything is bad. My eating habit changed. 

Let me tell you a little about the book. A very young boy, named Eze loves to eat bread almost all the time that his stomach becomes so big. I could remember that big stomach I saw in that book. I reduced my intake of bread because I did not want my stomach to be as big as Eze’s own. Childhood  things.


Only Bread for Eze by Ifeoma Okoye


Which of the books would you like to read or have you read? 

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