Oooh oh oh eh oh oh oh oh oh This is a song of praise from my heart to you
for all you’ve done for me eh Godiya gareka You took away my shame Yes you changed my name Yes you did Godiya gareka You wiped away my tears You gave me your peace You did it for free Godiya gareka No one can do The things you’ve done for me Yes you set me free Godiya gareka Godiya, Godiya, Godiya Godiya gareka From the bottom of my heart From the depth of my soul Here comes a song Godiya gareka From the rising of the sun To the setting of the same I will lift my praise Godiya gareka Let the lifting of our hands Be as the evening sacrifice We pour our hearts to you Godiya gareka You are my portion In the land of the living I belong to you Godiya gareka Godiya (oh oh) Godiya (oh oh) Godiya (oh oh oh) Godiya gareka Godiya (oh oh) Godiya (oh oh) Godiya (oh oh oh) Godiya gareka Mai Ceto na Masoyina Mai Fansata Ubangiji Karbi Godiya Godiya gareka Ubangiji Mai kaunata Mai jinkai Mai Taimako na Karbi Godiya heh Godiya (oh oh) Godiya (oh oh) Daga zuciya (oh oh oh) Masoyina Ka bani ceto (oh oh) Ka bani sabon rai (oh oh) Kai ne masoyina (oh oh oh) Babu wani kamar Ka Godiya gareka Godiya gareka Godiya gareka Masoyina Yabo daga zuciya Sujada daga zuciya oh oh oh oh oh

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