Most parents will disagree that they prefer one child to another, which happens because they get along with him/her since he/she gives them less stress or have similar characteristics with them. However, it is important to note that favouritism exhibited by parents can ruin the relationships in the home. Therefore, it is imperative to advocate equality in the family and avoid comparing children to one another because of the disadvantages. One of it is that the favourite child may have problems with intimate relationship since he/she perceive him/herself as very special because of  the way he/she has been treated by their parents. The favourite children feel and believe that they are superior and so they should be pampered and if they get anything less from their partners in intimate relationships, they become disappointed. This is the reason most of them cannot sustain relationships. Again, favorite children are alienated from their siblings.
On the other hand, favoritism has got ripple effects on the well-being of the unfavoured children. A lot of negative energies are been exhumed from them as they seek for comforting and attentive attention outside. Most times, it makes such children fill into the company of the wrong sets of people; thereby, attracting the wrong kind of lifestyle.
In order to avoid favouritism in the home, mothers and fathers should therefore, appreciate their children’s unique characteristics because each child possesses his/her distinct features that set him/her apart and unique in the home. Parents should not make their children feel less among but special and happy by showing them love. This can happen when they look for exceptional abilities in all their children and appreciate them for it. You may like a child for his/her creativity, another for his/her passion and another for his/her sincerity. This way no child feels superior to another rather each child grows up with good self-esteem that helps to foster a good relationship among the children. The truth is, even though fathers and mothers may not agree that they prefer one child to another, instinct tells a child that he/she is not preferred, which is really bad because these feelings can cause resentments. If parents really know the effect of their actions, they will stop favouring one child above the other. They must understand that children do not create themselves but God did.  It’s not a child’s fault that he/she do not come with particular features or attributes. Every child is unique in his or her own way.
In conclusion, everyone enjoys love and good relationship in a home, where they are appreciated. Remember that the family is the smallest unit in the society and charity begins at home. If we can fight discrimination in the family; then, it will not take its footstool in the society and the world. Let’s share and show love to one another and make our societies and the world a perfect place to stay. I Love You. Lol.
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