Many people have the opinion that long-distance relationships are bound to hit the rock and fail. Family and friends often discourage the association. Really, long-distance relationships are difficult to sustain, but if you can trust, respect, love, and support each other from afar then you will be inseparable once you are physically together. This distance can be because of job and academics among others and it only makes the love grow stronger if managed well.
“If you want to live together, you first learn how to live apart”  – Anonymous
There are many people together but apart. It is about the heart really, not the distance. In this blog post, I shall highlight 16 ways to make your long-distance relationship work.
1.      Communicate
Communicate with each other throughout the day. You can call to share your thoughts, discuss your day, and gist. Talk about your needs, joy, and fears. Just express yourself, appreciate and compliment each other.
2.      Visit each other
Create time to visit each other no matter how busy you are. Take a break; maximize public holidays, and festive seasons. Go to the beach,museum,entertainment center, cinema etc
3.      Share things together
Share photos, books, videos, and music together. Share and discuss the book you are reading currently, the music you just listened to, the video you just discovered. Send pictures to each other via Whatsapp, Facebook. Show each other your new hairdo, haircut, how gorgeous you appeared in class and office that day.
4.      Set relationship goals
No couple can stay apart forever, eventually you will need to settle down to live together. Therefore, discuss the future together, you must ask yourself “how long are we going to stay apart?” “What do you want to achieve?” There should be a timeline for staying apart.
5.      Avoid tempting situations
Do not tempt yourself. Be at the right place at the right time. Do not hide your relationship status, express it happily, and avoid occasions that will endanger your relationship.
6.      Be open and loyal to each other
Be honest, relationship is all about trust. Express yourself, talk about your displeasure, how you feel, what you need, what you like, and dislike.
7.      Live your life, make friends and keep your family
Your life should not only revolve around your partner. Go out with friends and family. Do what you are passionate about, enjoy your life,  and live it to the fullest.
8.      Give gift

Surprise each other with gifts that would live a long-lived impression on the mind. For example,a gift of wristwatch, undies, shoe, perfume, towel, flower, vest and underwear among other. Whenever your partner sees those things, whether he looks at the watch or dresses up or perceives the scent of the perfume, he remembers you.

9.      Know the right time to call or text
It is always good to do things at the right time because it enhances effectiveness. Do not call when he is in a lecture, meeting or writing an exam. This is the reason it is essential to know each other’s schedule of activities for the day.
10.  Chat more
Life is easier with social media. You can chat every minute and second. Please chat. Keep yourselves apprised of a new development in your lives from time to time. Use smileys. Send lovely text messages; appreciate each other and crake jokes.
11.  Give yourselves updates about your life, friends and family
If you just got a good result, let him know, if you just received a promotion, tell him. If a family member has a celebration, keep him updated.
12.  Do Video Call
Do video call. At least you will see yourselves and interact.
13.  Give pet names
Give pet  and unique names. It is really, really romantic.
14.  Be Optimistic
Be positive that your long-distance relationship will work out well. Believe that you will surmount whatsoever you are experiencing currently.
15.  Avoid side comments
Some people are always negative. Please avoid them. They will want to discourage you. See, not everyone will have a short-distance relationship in life. There are always exceptions in life. The fact that long distance relationships are failing does not mean yours will fail. All you need to do is to put your heart to it, be positive and work towards making it work.
16.  Say good morning and good night

Saying goodmorning and goodnight to each other is a way of starting and ending the day with each other. The rest of the day is fresh and great. It is a way of making yourselves feel special.

Any other tip? Let us share here.

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