It is all fun to be in a relationship with someone you love, accept, trust and respect. However, aside from the fun and excitement a relationship brings, it is also essential your values and lifestyle are congruent with that of your partner. In order to discover this, you need to ask questions. Below are crucial questions to ask and discuss together:
  1.     Faith
    What are your religious beliefs?
    Where is your place of worship?
    What faith will you teach your children?
  2.     Role Distribution
How will work be shared in the house?
Who will do the cleaning, cooking, laundry, car washing?
Are you going to employ a house cleaner or not?
Are you getting gadgets to ease the work?
What is expected of the woman and man in the house?
 3.     Children
How many children do you plan having?
How far apart?
Which school are they going to attend (Public, Private or Christian School)?
Are you going to wait for a while before having children and how long?
How do you discipline them?
Do you want to adopt?
4.     Family
Are your families permitted to visit?
If yes, for how long?
How many at the same time?
5.     Properties
Are you going to own a house or not? If yes, how many?
What about car? How many?
Do you have any property already and are you ready to open up to your partner about it.
6.     Finance
What is your perspective about debt, saving and investment?
Do you have debt?
Do you have retirement plan?
Are you keeping a joint or separate account?
Are you doing joint giving to family and friends?
7.     Conflict
What makes you angry?
Are you going to bed angry with each other or you are going to reconcile before going to bed?
8.     Education
Do you want to study?
What is your level of education?
9.     Location
Where are you going to be based?
Are you staying together or separately? For how long?
10.   Friends
Is it good to do things with friends without husband’s approval?
11.   Health
Do you believe in divine healing or medical attention?
12.   Work
Who is the breadwinner?
Should wife stay home with children?
13.   Lifestyle
     Are you a morning or night person? Are you social?
     How much time do they spend on your phone, on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter,    
     Instagram  etc.
     Where do you want to spend the holidays?
     With his family or yours?
      Do you like exercise?
      Do you take alcoholic drinks?
14.   Commitment
What are your views on divorce?
What are your views in relating with opposite sex friends?
15.   Ethics and Character
Will you lie conveniently?
    Do you take responsibility or blame others?
16.   Personality Traits
Do you forgive easily?
    Do you complain and criticize?
17.   Intimacy
     Are you a virgin?
     What about your potential mate?
     What is your view on oral sex?
     How often are you going to have sex?
What other question is necessary? Please let’s share here
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