Growing into what you want to become is a journey and it is something you need to be deliberate about. It is a process that deserves your attention. You must desire it and work towards achieving it. In this blog post, I will highlight 6 ways to grow into what you want to become.

1.      Know what you want
What are you passionate about and what do you want out of life. What exactly do you think you can do and never fail? What is that thing you are not afraid of doing? What can you do well without stress? Do you want to plan people’s events, write their stories, assist the helpless and counsel people among others? What is that thing you do with joy and excitement? Pray to God and let him lead and guide you according to his will.
2.      Acquire relevant skills and study

After identifying what you want, acquire relevant skills that would make you succeed in whatever you set out to do. Go for trainings, seminars and watch related videos. Study books important to what you want to embark on. Read about those who are doing what you want to do. Read about their success stories, challenges, encounters, strengths and weaknesses; then, do your research thoroughly to find gaps you can fill and new things you can bring on board.

3.      Get a Mentor
Get a mentor. Someone who can guide you on what you want to do or you are doing. The person should be able to advise you when you are erring. Do not select a mentor that is jealous of you or does not believe in you. Please. Preferably, your mentor should be someone you see, relate and communicate with.
4.      Set goals and pursue it

Set goals. What are the things you want to achieve? Develop strategies that would help you accomplish them. Again, know when you want to achieve them. Start work and keep improving on whatsoever you do. Drive it with all your might and power. Do it with all your heart and pursue it passionately until you achieve your desired result. Be focused and avoid distractions.

5.      Never give up
You will encounter disappointments and challenges, but you will get to your destination if you do not give up. If something is not working the way you want it. Try another method. All the people who made it today have stories. Most of them failed but never gave up. Never quit.
6.      Keep your good friends
At some point in life, you might be tempted to forsake your friends because you are too busy or for some other reasons. Please do not let go of good friends. No man is an Island. Appreciate them for always being there.

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