Late American poet, Maya Angelou said that there is no greater pain than bearing an inexpressible story inside of you and one way to tell this story is by writing, which is an important way you refine, document and communicate ideas. Therefore, it is vital to develop capacity in this area and here are few guidelines:
Clarify yourpurpose
Every good writer needs to know the purpose for writing. You need to ask yourself why you are writing. Are you writing to inspire, inform, entertain or educate? It is essential to identify why you are writing because this would determine what and how you put pen to paper.
 Get aNotepad
A writer should have a portable notepad, which can be placed in a bag or pocket since ideas emanate at different periods and time. It may be in the market, car, place of work and school among others. These thoughts should be documented immediately to avoid losing them.
When you study well, you write well. Ensure that you read good books for the reason that there are many lessons to learn from them.
Avoid distractions
Avoid situations that will hinder your concentration. You can write early in the morning or in the night. I prefer to write in the night especially midnight when I can muse well.
No writer is perfect and every writer can get better by incessant practice. Augusten Burrough said, “The best way to be a writer is to be a writer” You can develop your writing skills by volunteering to write for magazines, newspapers and blogs among others.
 Be yourself
Be yourself and do not write to impress anybody instead write to communicate. You will write well when that is your motive. Do not wish to be exactly like any good writer rather try out new things, discover your voice, style, themes by using and creating new words.
Make an impression
Maya Angelou said,   “I have learnt that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel” Make people smile, laugh, get an answer to a question and feel good about themselves when they read your work.
Be brief
Be brief and do not beat about the bush. Do not bore your readers with unnecessary details. Introduce, discuss the main idea and close with a strong point.
Express yourself freely when you write the first piece. Do not be too conscious of your mistakes and errors in order not to ruin your creativity. Just write. When you finish writing; then, rewrite and correct the mistakes.
Be clear in expression
Be clear in expression and ensure that your readers can comprehend you easily. Adhere to the rules of concord, ensure your words are spelt correctly, make sure your sentences are coherent and avoid repetition of words among other things.
Read it out loud
Read aloud when you finish writing a piece; it helps you discover mistakes, which you may not notice when you read silently to yourself. Again, seek the help of a third party to read for you. He/she will identify mistakes you overlooked.
Focus on your five senses
Let your readers see, hear, smell, touch and taste your characters. How do they look? Are they tall, slim, cute? Are they hairy? How do they sound and smell? The answers to all these questions would make your stories more interesting.
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