Many people at one period in their lives have experienced abuse. It may be emotional, physical, sexual or even verbal among others. These mistreatments were masked by victims in various ways and  exacerbated, leading to their death. Anybody can be a victim of abuse, which occur in homes, offices, religious houses and schools among others. Additionally, people ponder why many in abusive relationships find it hard to leave. Sometimes they say words like “Why is he/she still in that relationship?”, my dear, it is not as easy as you think.
It will daze you to know that most people who are abused are oblivious that their relationships are abusive. Therefore, the first remedy to maltreatment is identifying whether you are in an abusive relationship or not. Below are the signs:
You are in an abusive relationship if you are always fearful, unnecessarily scared of the abuser and your self-esteem is diminishing daily. Sometimes you may even feel you do not deserve the best. The abuser in this case does not appreciate, trust or respect you.
You are in an abusive relationship if you are penitent. Let me put it to you that an abuser will always make you feel that you are the problem, which causes guilt. The abuser  will make you feel there is something wrong with you and that you are the challenged person.
You are in an abusive relationship if you experience ignominy. When a partner tells you that you are too fat, too thin, too short publicly or he/she is always dissatisfied with every of your action.Anabuser is always quick to identify your faults, weaknesses, deficiencies and make disparaging remarks about you. 
You are in an abusive relationship if you are always moody. Sometimes you may experience domestic violence e.g. clouting, hair pulling among others. You are being controlled, manipulated or forced to act against your will. It is important to note that anything you do is a choice and that you are not coerced in any way. Most of the time anything done outside your will, brings torture instead of pleasure.
You are in an abusive relationship when someone is intimidating you. The person may threaten to blackmail you,  leave you for another relationship, hurt or harm you.
You must understand that both the abused and the abuser need help. The abuser is the challenged person because he/she is either frustrated, insecure or battling with low self-esteem. There is nothing as infectious as a bad demeanor. Save yourself a lot of stress and agony by staying away from an abuser before you get infected.Also, get help before the situation gets out of hand.

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