People get married for different reasons. These include companionship, procreation, and coercion among others. It is important to note that the reason one gets married would determine the success of the marriage.

Over the years, ladies have been compelled to get married because either their mates are getting married or everyone around them is expectant and wants to know about the charming men in their lives. At this period many singles brood while they should be excited. Rather than brood,   identify your purpose in life, be the voice for the voiceless and an agent of change in this world of decadence.
Below are other steps to take
·         Develop a closer relationship with God.
·         Develop character and cultivate good manners
·         Read books on relationship and other areas of importance such as finance, emotion, temperament among others.
·           Socialize and Enjoy life.
·          Be open-minded and do not be desperate.
·         Learn to cook variety of dishes.
·            Develop yourself, go to school and get a life.
·         Love, fall in love and be in love with yourself. Learn to dress well because it shows how much you care about yourself.
·         Know what you want in a man, highlight the must have, should have, could have among others.
·         Don’t get married because your mates are getting married, get married because you are ready for marriage.


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